Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Character Design!

Out of my 12 characters, this is the one that Mr. Chapman liked most. She's a cutie. She lives alone in a little victorian house and writes stories. From her stories little creatures/imaginary friends are created. Here are some sketches playing with different details. For her presentation, I made a little paper house for her to live in. I guess i'll build and photograph it for class and bring in the flat pattern. I ADORE pattern drafting. ADORE IT. <3

Now on to the coloring in photoshop. First time using that as well as that wacom tablet/pen. It'll be fun. : ]


Robyn Hyzy said...

Cute blog! I'm glad you finally got one. I really like your boxes for your books...oddly enough they remind me slightly of what I'm working on for my self-promo right now. Great minds think alike!

I'm adding you right now...

CWolfe said...

Aww, she's adorable and I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE her setting.