Thursday, October 23, 2008

I don't really know..

Working on some of Pratt's 30 portraits as well as revising some thumbs for Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. I'm pretty content with all four of the final ideas so I think i'll love doing whichever he chooses.

So, thought i'd put some sketchbook pages up.. These are actually pretty boring compared to some others in my sketchbook, but these few are from yesterday. Pratt did another demo so I used up the rest of the acrylic he had on his palette when he moved on to the tar. And then the other little ink drawings are from my night class (Ecology of Water). There are actually a few really funny ones that i'll post a little later. The soda is a still life. Kind of.

Anyway.. Enjoy!

It's a Mi-shell-fish. They're vegetarian fishies that are often caught in the Sea of Japan and are commonly used in the sushi industry, feeding a large population all around the world.
Poor little Mi-shell-fishies.


CWolfe said...

Lol got michelle..I want to have sex with that phone..Its gawgeous..

.And oh no..I think I ate a mi-shell-fish....IM SO SORRY.

Great stuff, we have a good start on this one post minimum a week thing.

Orlando Sanchez said...

Hey michelle how are you doing? The books look great, honestly. The little girl in the chair is real cute. haha nice. Keep it up. take care.

Dustin dArnault said...

Hey Michelle its good to hear from you. The work looks exceptional, you owned that book project man. I am proud of you! Yay book making! Keep on giving it your all.

Mucho love chica


Yara said...

So gimme some of those portraits when you're done. (Blonde Redhead, Ladytron, n such please).