Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sketchbook Dump + Oil Painting

Hey! Keeping up with my one week post quota promise I made with Cassie, here's some updates!

After his demo, Pratt gave us two oil paintings to do, so this was one of mine (the other is awful, promise).

Here's some sketchbook pages-- The first is my Makenzie. I miss her loads and haven't seen her for almost an entire year but she still makes good reference. Sad face Michelle!

The rest of the sketchbook pages (totally random subject matter!):

That last one is from my Eco of Water class. I have way too much fun doodling scuba-diving Michelles..

Still working on those thirty portraits and 3 cover illustrations. All of it is due next week so you'll get a pretty hefty update then too. <3


CWolfe said...

Why can't I draw like you?
What the hell..

AMAZING work, doll!

Shane Miller said...

thanks for the link. made my night!

you draw Greg Early like no other:) perfect

Arbel M. Cohen said...

Post ur portraits already !

peter carlson said...

great stuff. lovin the contour