Monday, December 14, 2009

Some stuff from Artist's Books. <3

Yessir, he's drowning. Don't worry though. He'll be saved!

I was always told not to tear my books.. Well mum, I shredded "Where the Wild Things Are."

3 book series. The second one is way interactive! You'll have to see it in person. The boombox-box DOES have real speakers with an mp3 hook-up for all of your dancing needs. Ohh yeah! <3<3 Completely illustrated, written, bound, covered, and created by me! I want to make things like this forever.

More soon! It's winter break and i'm STOKED to be able to work on some of my own things as well as to start thesis!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Finally got a new digicamm!

We had an open illustration assignment in my illustration class and I wanted to do an ill of a little boy scaring his closet monster. It was really time consuming but I LOVE how it came out. So so so cute. All the little toys were so much fun to make and I especially like the little hanger hanging from his closet doorknob. The monster has posable arms andd cute lil hands.

I'm ever so happy to be reunited with a digital camera again. So be excited! I'll be posting all of my other 3d stuff i've been working on for the past 3 months over the next few weeks.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Thrift Store finds!

I love silhouette work. And I LOVE finding it at Good Will!
Check it;

From my phone, so sorry for the quality..

I have TONS of stuff i'm dying to show you, but my digital camera broke a while back, so its been a little difficult as all i'm doing lately is 3D (sort-of?). Soon, promise! Lots of stuff from my bookarts class and our open assignment from my illustration class [inspired by RedNose], all sculpture-esque.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ah, Nantucket Fall..

My first Autumn.


Hope everyone had a splendiddd Halloween! Mine was lovely. I spent it on Nantucket, Massachusetts. We were unicorns. <3

I finally got around to making my own sketchbook so here she is, along with some sketches! oh yeaah!

yayayay. i love bookmaking so much! I made the book in this really awkward format though which makes it easy for me to introduce myself to new people by shoving half my book in their personal space while i try and draw in it! While at first, thought inconvenient, it's actually working quite well. <3

I'm also working on this lil thang for Thiel::

Again with the awkward very-vertical format. She's kinda cute.. but hey.
The next assignment is an open assignment and I'm pretty excited because i'm planning on doing a little CD/booklet/poster music branding type thing. Devendra Banhart, the Unicorns, the Islands, or ummm Cocorosie? Hm. Still deciding and planning all of that.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Some more random things!

Just made a 3-part book for my artist's books class! I love it! It connects to yo iPod and plays music! haha. I included all of my own text and illustrations-- be excited.

For the very last page, I created a little discotheque with two of my fave DJs in all of ybor as the DJs for the dance party. Here they are:

Also worked on some self-promo stuff for my portfolio class.. I put a different blog/e-mail on the entire package and i've completely changed my mind. So the design will be the same but the information is definitely off, so imagine otherwise. ha!

Dr. Google assignment for Thiel's class. The article was about people taking their simple symptoms and the possible causes of those from to an extreme, making themselves more sick.

ink and watercolor and colored pencil and lacquer transfer!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm on hiatus.

hay matt hayyyy.
That's old. But I like it.

And my vday cards:

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Some recent plushies.. Will be up on Etsy soon! This one is Bridget and she'll be for sale. The giraffe and shark were gifts to some friends. Embroidered facesss and cute outfits!

Hallmark workshop has come and passed and my friend Cassie and I made some lil plushies to say thank you to Daniel, David, and Sam who took us through the workshop. They were awesome and so unbelievably helpful! It was an awesome experience..

Oh and a puppy for good measure.. : ] Someone get me one!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

8/30 portraits.

Portraits finally! (Some of them anyway..)

I have like 32? and the ultimate goal was to do 36 so I could make a perfect square.. but I got busy..

HM! Messing around in photoshop tonight though. So maybe more posts this weekend?