Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pratt Book Assignment

So for Pratt's handmade book assignment, I went ahead and did music. At the beginning of the assignment I sent out e-mails to any musician or person related to music in anyway. I was going to base my book off of whoever responded and had time to interview. I received three responses; DJ Rig who DJs at a club in Tampa (and is married to America's Next Top Model contestant Mollie Sue!), a co-worker's grandfather who plays banjo in a polka band, and surprisingly my all time favorite- the Brooklyn native band Matt and Kim! So after interviewing all three, I decided to get a little ambitious and make three separate little books all made completely from scratch. Even the cute lil boxesss. <3

So yeeeyyyah. Here they are:

sooooo yay.


EL Gato Negro said...

very proud i am :)

CWolfe said...

Amazing work. My mind..

Was blown.

Stevie said...

Wowwww I love your illustrations O_O very beautiful, I must see these in person :)

lindsaykay said...

this is bad asssss...! one of the coolest i've seen.

thanks for the props :) i like your workss too !

TJ said...

these books are amazing.

i was just wondering how you binded the piano book?? it looks so clean.

very very awesome.