Monday, October 19, 2009

Some more random things!

Just made a 3-part book for my artist's books class! I love it! It connects to yo iPod and plays music! haha. I included all of my own text and illustrations-- be excited.

For the very last page, I created a little discotheque with two of my fave DJs in all of ybor as the DJs for the dance party. Here they are:

Also worked on some self-promo stuff for my portfolio class.. I put a different blog/e-mail on the entire package and i've completely changed my mind. So the design will be the same but the information is definitely off, so imagine otherwise. ha!

Dr. Google assignment for Thiel's class. The article was about people taking their simple symptoms and the possible causes of those from to an extreme, making themselves more sick.

ink and watercolor and colored pencil and lacquer transfer!