Thursday, February 26, 2009


Some recent plushies.. Will be up on Etsy soon! This one is Bridget and she'll be for sale. The giraffe and shark were gifts to some friends. Embroidered facesss and cute outfits!

Hallmark workshop has come and passed and my friend Cassie and I made some lil plushies to say thank you to Daniel, David, and Sam who took us through the workshop. They were awesome and so unbelievably helpful! It was an awesome experience..

Oh and a puppy for good measure.. : ] Someone get me one!


Megan said...

ok, this deserves a comment. i want a bridget in my home someday.

EL Gato Negro said...

This stuff is gold make more !!! I want one :-)

The Machine said...

these are so adorable. Bridget is sooo very cute! nice touch with the gift to hallmark, they will remember that. :D i want a plushy doll :D

oushka Duncan said...

I love stumbling upon great blogs :D your illlustrations are really cool :)

with love from london (is that a bit over the top?lol) :)