Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hope everyone had a splendiddd Halloween! Mine was lovely. I spent it on Nantucket, Massachusetts. We were unicorns. <3

I finally got around to making my own sketchbook so here she is, along with some sketches! oh yeaah!

yayayay. i love bookmaking so much! I made the book in this really awkward format though which makes it easy for me to introduce myself to new people by shoving half my book in their personal space while i try and draw in it! While at first, thought inconvenient, it's actually working quite well. <3

I'm also working on this lil thang for Thiel::

Again with the awkward very-vertical format. She's kinda cute.. but hey.
The next assignment is an open assignment and I'm pretty excited because i'm planning on doing a little CD/booklet/poster music branding type thing. Devendra Banhart, the Unicorns, the Islands, or ummm Cocorosie? Hm. Still deciding and planning all of that.


peter carlson said...

awesome new stuff.

Sweet Princess said...

sketch my dogs!

Wesley Eggebrecht said...

I really like the fish eye looking sketch! Great work!

Marcos Mateu said...

Beautiful line, very natural poses!